Saturday, January 15, 2011

City of Refuge Vision for Hondurus - Quimistan & Camalote, San Pedro Sula, Santa Barbara, Hondurus

Is your church looking for a Missionary to support, mission giving or looking for good mission trips to get your church or youth involved in the great commission?  This is a great missionary project to send your youth to experience 3rd world life and to get involved helping others with the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Are you looking for ways to support and help reach the lost?  You've found the right missionary to support. 

James Young is an apostle over 14 churches in a 60 mile radius from San Pedro Sula as far out as .... and up in the mountains ministering to the ....

Need: Spanish Bibles, money, supplies, food, medical supplies, etc.  This ministry is a christian missions project to reach souls for Christ.

Many people are getting saved in Hondurus.  Unfortunately, they cannot afford to own a bible. Can you help by purchasing a case of bibles for $59.00?  You can order Version Reina-Valera, (Revision de 1960) This quality paperback Bible with valuable reader's aids and supplements is particularly useful as a church school or beginning Bible study text.

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