Monday, June 20, 2011

Prayer Request for Hondurus

Dear Supporters of the Northwest Honduras Mission,

If the Lord touches your heart to give to us, or to pray for us, here are our needs and prayer requests.

There are a lot of needs here, but these are the most urgent:

1) We need 200 Bibles as soon as possible. A lot of people are getting saved, and each one of them needs a Bible. James can receive them via Priority Mail International at this address:

James W. Young

PO Box 185

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The best price we have found is with (American Bible Society). They are about $2.50 each for a full Bible, paperback, Reina-Valera 1960 version, plus shipping. (They call it an Outreach Bible. It is item no. 113066, and they come 24 to a box and each box weighs about 24 pounds.)

If you know anyone that is coming here via airline, and they have an extra empty bag, they could bring about 40 Bibles without being overweight (or 60 Bibles if the weight limit is 70 lbs. rather than 50 lbs. which it is most of the time). Otherwise you would have to ship them, which is do-able, but a little expensive.

2) We need two projectors, so we can show movies in the churches.

3) We need about $6,000 to finish the Missionary House. It is going to take about $10,000 to finish it, and James has about $4,000 in hand.

4) We need a $50,000 fund to buy land and building materials to build churches with. We have three churches actively under construction; some others that are ready to start building, and many others that are still not finished inside. We especially need ceramic tile in many of the churches that are already built.

3) We need $200,000 to pay for the first half of the 4,000 seat Tabernacle. (Total cost will be about twice that, but this is the figure the Lord gave us.)

4) We need $5,000,000 to buy the land and start building the City of Refuge. (This is the amount the Lord gave us.)

Prayer requests, please:

1) Pray for a spirit of revival to hit all 14 churches.

2) Pray for the above listed monies to come in.

3) Pray for Pastor Juan of 24 de Abril. He was an on-fire young pastor for a number of years, but he seems to have slipped back into the world, and his wife is having to run the church. Only God can change him.

4) Please pray for Pastor David, Pastor Mario, Pastor Lito, and the other Honduran leaders of the Honduran ministry here (Mision Nacional Nueva Vida). They need to be working together better; they need to be helping each other more; and they need to get behind the vision the Lord has given us. We need more unity, harmony and vision in this ministry.

5) Pray for a full-time pastor for the mountain church in Nispero.

6) Pray for the pastor at San Marcos to come back into the fold and cooperate with and obey the ministry leadership. (Pray against rebellion for all the pastors and James.)

7) Pray for a resolution of the problems with the Christian TV station in Quimistan. They need over $1,000 to pay back-bills, and they need a combination administrator, bookeeper and fund-raiser to come alongside and help, so they don't get into trouble again.

8) Pray for me, that I would be closer to God, more commited, more anointed, and more healthy.

That's all the major prayer requests I can think of right now.

Info for sending donations:

If you want 501-c3 credit for your income taxes, please send your check, made out to "Global Networks Emergency Response" to:

Mision Nacional Nueva Vida

c/o Global Networks Emergency Response

Pastor Robert Y. Simpkins, Sr., Executive Director

3488 Barkers Mill Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37042

(931) 552-3595

(931) 431-9605

Mobile: (931) 624-9133

Fax: (931) 431-9626

Missionary James is a permanent resident of Honduras. If you do not need 501-C3 reporting for your taxes, please send your donation to him directly via MoneyGram, Western Union or direct wire transfer as follows:

James Wayne Young

State: Santa Barbara

Country: Honduras

(504) 9623-2584

You can send the code number to him via this email address:

If you have any questions, please call him at:

011 (504) 9623-2584

Or email him at

You can buy a "Mexico" type phone card at many convenience stores or at Quik Trip, Raceway or other gas stations for $5.00 that will allow you to call Honduras and talk for 30 minutes.

God bless you, and thank you for praying and giving,

Missionary James Young

Camalote.Quimistan, Santa Barbara, Honduras

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