Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vision for Hondurus Shared by Missionary James Young Through Video

The Needs Are Great In Hondurus.  James Young has found a way to make life better for the Hondurun Nationals.  Won't you give today?

To Print Out Written Copy of Vision, visit:

James Young Appeared On Channel 3 in Quimistan, Hondurus, State, Santa Barbara

Northwest Honduras Vision
c/o Global Networks Emergency Response
Pastor Robert Y. Simpkins, Sr., Executive Director
3488 Barkers Mill Rd.
(931) 552-3595
(931) 431-9605
Mobile: (931) 624-9133
Fax: (931) 431-9626

James Young is in Honduras and doing a lot of traveling to spread the news about the Lord's Vision. They plan to be here until January 10th, 2011, and they could certainly use your offerings.

James Michael Mainer
State: Santa Barbara
Country: Honduras
(504) 9708-9248

(receive options is: MoneyGram location)

To send a MoneyGram to James (please designate), use this information:

James Wayne Young - he will come to your church to speak.  James Young will be in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas from January 10 through March 2011.
State: Santa Barbara
Country: Honduras
(504) 9712-8027
(817) 718-3118 or

Special Needs: bibles for nationals when they get saved
Money for projects
Are you looking for a place to reach the lost?
(receive options is: MoneyGram location)

You can get them from (American Bible Society). The paperback version of the whole Bible in Spanish (Version Reina-Valera 1960).  Order a case cost approximately $54.00.

Missionary James Young and Prophet Michael Mainer
Camalote.Quimistan, S.B., Honduras
Clarksville, TN 37042

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