Monday, January 17, 2011

Hondurus Vision - City of Refuge

James Young, Missionary, apostle over 14 churches in the Northwest area of Hondurus.  Southwest of San Pedro Sula, Santa Barbara, Hondurus.  He is building a large training center for the Hondurun nationals to be sent out throughout Latin America. 

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Needs: Spanish Bibles, investors, givers, supplies, food, medical supplies, etc.  This ministry is a christian missions project to reach souls for Christ throughout Latin America. 

Many people are getting saved in Hondurus.  Unfortunately, they cannot afford to own a bible. Can you help by purchasing a case of bibles for $59.00?  You can order Version Reina-Valera, (Revision de 1960) This quality paperback Bible with valuable reader's aids and supplements is particularly useful as a church school or beginning Bible study text.  To order bibles, click on link:

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